Webinar: Tools for Troubleshooting in an Electrocoat Process

  • June 05, 2019
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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The electrocoat process consists of several systems working together. This makes troubleshooting a defect very difficult. This talk explains how the process of troubleshooting defects can be focused into three categories: process, chemistry and unusual conditions. A troubleshooting reference guide will also be provided as we discuss the disciplined approach of isolating components of your system to determine root cause and the appropriate countermeasure to take to correct a problem. Several useful analytical and laboratory tools will also be described.

Ed Evans is a Product Engineer at Axalta Coating Systems with 24 years of experience formulating and supporting automotive coatings. Trained as a research chemist,  Ed specializes in applying technical know-how and a disciplined approach to solving global electrocoat problems. Ed supports several customers working on projects ranging from the introduction of new ED technologies, plant launches, material conversions,  process improvements to implementing best practices all while improving quality, efficiency, cost and performance. Ed resides in the metro Detroit area and holds a BS and MS in Chemistry from Southern University and A&M College.

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