Corporate Membership   

Available to any corporation, association, or partnership having a regularly established place of business and being engaged in any of the business categories listed below.

Tier 1 Companies - OEM Suppliers
Companies involved in the manufacture, sale, and/or development of electrocoating materials, application equipment/systems, resin, pigment and additive raw materials, as well as processing equipment required for manufacturing electrocoating materials.

Tier 2 Companies - Component Suppliers
Companies whose activities are auxiliary to, and in support of, the electrocoating industry. This category includes suppliers of cleaning/pretreatment equipment and chemicals, ovens, conveyors and other ancillary finishing equipment/component manufacturers and distributors related to electrocoating.

Tier 3 Companies - Custom Coaters
Job shops or custom coaters dedicated to the application of protective, functional or decorative electrocoating to industrial, automotive or consumer products.

  • This Membership category is designed to connect those searching for coating services to members who supply them.
  • Custom Coaters receive a special geographical listing on the Association web site that includes a detailed description of the services supplied.

Tier 4 Companies - Captive Shops
Manufacturers incorporating the application or protective, functional or decorative electrocoating to their industrial, automotive, or consumer products.

  • This Membership category includes benefits (except for voting privilege) for up to 5 company representatives - 1 Corporate contact plus 4 Associate contacts.  Larger industrial manufacturers often have multiple locations; this allows for more widespread representation.

As a Corporate Member you will receive these benefits:

Increased business contacts that provide you the opportunity to expand your business network by meeting, working with, and exchanging ideas with colleagues from all segments of the industry.

• Referrals. We direct people contacting the Association with specific needs to our members with the capabilities to meet those needs.  Oftentimes we forward inquiries to our membership at large.

• Use of The Electrocoat Association logo in your promotional literature and on your web site, giving your company Industry Leader status and recognition.
• Online Member Directory listing linked to your company web site. Provides a detailed listing of your products and services. Whether people are looking for materials, equipment manufacturers, distributors, pretreatment suppliers or custom coaters, this comprehensive directory enables buyers and specifiers to conveniently pinpoint your company.
• Tier 3 Companies: Online "Find a Custom Coater" geographical listing, allowing a convenient method for those looking for coating services to identify coaters in their state, region, or country.

• Special discounts for all company associates on Association-produced events and our book, Electrocoating: A Guidebook for Finishers. Regularly scheduled events include the ECOAT Conference, held in even years; the Electrocoating Seminar, held annually in different geographic regions; and our Annual Association Meeting.

• Opportunities to enhance your company's exposure and recognition by sponsoring Association-produced events, our web site, and e-publications.

• Appointment of one representative to receive correspondence and who is authorized to cast the Corporate vote(s) on Association business. Additional representatives from a Corporate Member company may become Individual Members to receive correspondence directly from us.

• Ability to hold Office and serve on Association Committees. Becoming involved at the Board or Committee level broadens your Association experience by giving you additional opportunities for peer interaction and professional development.

• Bi-annual e-newsletter (January, July) providing industry news, technical updates, and Association information.

• Web site ('Members Making News')and social media publicity.

• We encourage Tier 4 members to join the E-Coat MARK program. There is no fee to join and your products will stand out as having the superior performance qualities of electrocoat.


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